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We've been invited back to Lafferty Park!

We have been invited back to do another concert in Lafferty Park! If you haven't yet made it to our COVID-era outdoor concerts, please join me and Nathalie! Or come again!

5 pm Saturday, Sept. 26

Lafferty Park, Eugene

Free, but tips are welcome

Bring your own everything and plan to adhere to social distancing regulations and I can guarantee you a good time with wonderful music and the novelty of being with others and enjoying the arts again. This will be our fifth presentation of this concert, so by now we are getting pretty darn good at these songs. They are uplifting, beautiful and subversive, too! (I've listed the program below.)

Thanks to William Scherle for these wonderful photos from August.

And here are some videos to lure you in...

The music we are performing in this one hour concert will cheer us all up:

Wonderful American Art Songs and Folk Song Arrangements:

  Samuel Barber

  John Duke

  Paul Bowles

  Richard Pearson Thomas

  Jack Jarrett

Flirtatious and Fun German Love Songs by Giacomo Meyerbeer

Sea Shanties and Sea Ballads

  Stephen Mark Kohn

  Richard Pearson Thomas

  Peter Lurye

Here's to you, COVID!

A satisfying temper tantrum about pandemics featuring Cole Porter songs:

  The Physician

  Miss Otis Regrets

  I Hate You, Darling

  Don't Fence Me In

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