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"I love teaching people to sing. It offers beauty,

health and recreation to people of all abilities.

Everyone should sing more often!"

You can learn to...

  • sing without tension

  • increase breath capacity

  • improve pitch

  • calm a wide vibrato

  • adults and seniors welcome!


Please contact me if you are interested in learning how to use your body and voice efficiently and appropriately to express yourself musically. I specialize in teaching functional voice techniques. I base this on a lifetime of musicianship and singing, plus degrees and experience in the classical singing world. I do not limit my teaching to classical music. I consider myself a specialist in teaching you to use your voice in whatever ways you are inspired.



  • the teen and changing voice

  • the adult and aging voice

  • solving technical issues

  • preventing pain and tension

  • diction in all European languages


Individual lessons: $70 per hour online or in-studio 

Small-group lessons: $80 per hour. Regular groups of people wishing to split the cost and learn the basics of using their voice more efficiently. Limited to 2 to 3 people who split the cost.

Choral Voice Class: I will come to your singing group and provide a class on singing, deepening your group's access to musical choices and extending each singer's knowledge about how their voice works. 



"Laura is a delight and teaches so much more than the mechanics of breathing and opening the voice to produce a beautiful sound.  Her goal is to help performers and audiences "breathe together" (a psychoanalytic concept) so that they can take in and share the soul of the composer expressed in music.  She is a master of the poetry and the many languages of song and the emotions and images they evoke.  She teaches the arts of acting and story-telling along with physical requirements of singing and the use of all of these to engage an audience.  I recommend her without reservation."

-Mark Dean

"Laura Wayte is an excellent voice teacher.  She has worked closely with me to discover the best voice techniques and exercises for a light soprano voice like mine. Because I am a senior citizen, I have particularly appreciated Laura’s knowledgeable and practical suggestions for conserving an aging voice. Equally important, Laura has offered useful programming advice and performance critiques that have helped me to improve my own concert performances."

-Alice D.  

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