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Art Song 



Inspired Composer

  • Art song is vocal chamber music.

  • Art song is a an acoustic art form in which poetry is set to music by composers to deepen the interpretation of the poems.

  • The performers are classically trained singers and pianists, with other instruments added in as desired.  

  • It began in Europe and is sung in European languages such as German, English, French, Italian, Russian and everything in between.

  • It explores all themes: stories, emotions, love, loss, death, birth, spirituality, seasons, time, etc. 

  • It does not have a single style but reflects the moment and cultures in which it develops. 

  • Sometimes it seems complicated but mostly it is simply beautiful and richly nuanced.

  • Sometimes it seems elitist - but is really the work of artists who were supported by the elite. And artists are often subversive!

  • It is a quiet and musical contemplation of the world, showing the insights of many times and people. 

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